Barking Photographic was established in 1948 in the hobby and the pursuit of knowledge and advancement in the art form as well as a social occasion.

We meet every Thursday throughout the year, apart from Christmas,

from:  19:30 - 21:30 at:

Eastbury Manor House, Eastbury Square, Barking, Essex.IG11 9SN 

Although we do not use the medium of film anymore we are very active in producing and competing in both Colour and Monochrome prints as well as Digitally Projected Images on a regular basis. We also have many knowledgeable visitors giving tutorials and presentations.The Syllabus drop down tab shows what we do at each weekly meeting.

We also like to run a couple of 1 day weekend instructional days in various aspects of photography during the year open to the membership and the public. We try to organise 2 coach trips to places of interest during the year.

There are many other clubs in the area under the wing of The East Anglia Federation (EAF} itself a member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) with whom we have many and varied competitions in both Print and DPI's.


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